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Winning by Leaving What Brought You Here

People expect that a product will do something for them. Salesforce helps people close more deals. A bank's app will let clients check their financial status and perform transactions. Uber takes you from one place to the other.

The functional aspect of a product is why most of the solutions are created. It's something that customers value as well. When something new comes, they will pay attention to how well the product handles the problem they're facing.

At some point, a mature market will have several competitors that offer a similar functional solutions. Uber and Lyft do well by taking you from point A to point B. WhatsApp and Messenger both connect you to your friends... You get the idea.

How do you grow when your market has matured and your competitors can match your functional solution?

You don't just help people sell more. You help them feel like revenue machines.

You don't just offer financial data and transactions anywhere. You help them conquer financial wisdom and freedom.

You might have noticed that product development and product marketing seem to blur. It's not just building features, but guiding your product evolution towards emotional and social benefits. The starting point? Your product backlog.

That's why you need to ditch user stories and adopt job stories.

More on that next week.