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The Struggle to Add Zero Value | 7wlite Blog

You motivate people to join you. You tell them how great your product is and what it can do to improve their lives.

Some of these prospects land on your page. Once there, you continue to convince them that your solution is the right one.

You prompt them to read the testimonials. You present them with a comparison chart. You show how people are getting amazing results out of your solution. By now, you spent a lot of time and money.

Finally, they start a trial, create an account, or pay for several months in advance. You pat yourself on the back. One more conversion made, but is this really a success?

If the measure of success is how much value a company generates to its audience, the behaviors you optimized your efforts for (purchase, sign-up, etc) mean nothing. So far, you added ZERO value to your customer.

How about you start optimizing most of your efforts towards situations in which your customers experience significant, consistent, and meaningful value?

More on this next week...