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The Problem with Standards

Experience A

It's lunchtime, and you're hungry. You walk into a fancy restaurant. There’s no staff to greet you when you arrive, so you pick a nice table by the window. A few minutes later, someone tells you the table you chose is booked. You switch to a different one.

You're ready to order, but no one comes to take it. After a while, you finally discover that you need to order through the tablet sitting on the table. You place your order. Thirty minutes pass and nothing happens.

You get up from your seat and ask someone from the staff what's happening. It seems that you forgot to select the payment method. You walk away and just grab a slice of pizza from the first place you see.

Experience B

A few minutes before leaving the office, you open the restaurant app on your phone and pick a nice table near the window. As soon as you get there and sit, you grab the tablet and confirm that you arrived. You place your order.

Ten minutes in and you're eating. As soon as you leave, the payment is made on your behalf through the restaurant's app.


Same restaurant. Same flow. And that's the problem.

Replace restaurant with product and flow with features.

It's all about how you rearrange features so you're aligned with user motivations, skills, and knowledge. The value lies in shaping your product, so people from different contexts learn how to make the most of it, even in their first experience with your product.