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The Most Valuable Space in Between | 7wlite Blog

A week ago, we talked about how common it is for a startup to optimize its efforts towards metrics that don't match their customers' goals. It's not such a problem in the short run, but it can become a disaster once you add people to your funnel without really giving them the value that keeps these folks with you.

Why is this such a wide-spread reality?

Lack of data. But not that hyped one. You will not figure out what people want by knowing how many times they access your app each week or how much stuff they create with your tool. Even watching people using your product and talking to them about it is not enough.

Why? Because all of the above is built on product use and you won't find all the reasons why people use a product while they're using it.

There's no better moment to uncover the real pain your product solves and the ultimate motivations of your customers than when that problem is so urgent that they're willing to act. When they can't go one more day without a solution. When they're so desperate that they're willing to pay for a product or service like yours.

Next week we'll dive into how you can find these people and collect valuable data, uncovering the real reasons why people try your solution.